Handjerks is a half-Norwegian, half-German musical project based in Berlin. Like the rest of the New Pangea roster, Handjerks share a sense of theatricality, but the similarity stops there. Dissonant folk intersects with glowing puffs of synthesizers, and dumpster-dived percussion reenacts medieval breakbeats, while a mournfully rich voice recites emotional manifestos.

The debut EP by Handjerks is entitled Indexical, gathering five songs, including the centerpiece “On a Verge”. Its lyrics hint at the namesake of the project: “I construct hands that won’t touch the deeper meaning / I jerk my jerk off / He comes with game theories.” The accompanying video, replete with hand gestures and jerky choreography, is directed by Paola Calvo (whose documentary on a BDSM living community in Berlin, Violently Happy, was released in cinemas IN 2017).

Handjerks' adventurous sonic world – maximalist yet intimate – was rendered into HD by producer Sam Slater, known for his work with Jóhann Jóhannsson, Shapednoise, Árni Arnason (The Vaccines), Soft Grid and Boiler Room. Outside of the studio, Handjerks have performed throughout Germany.

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